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Your position: Home / Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy


Return & Refund Policy
1. In which situation EECTECH accept the return? 
2. In which situation EECTECH do not accept the return? 
3. What you need to do before returning for exchange or refund?
4. When I get my refund?

Before you want to return item to us, please read and follow the below instructions, make sure that you understand our return refund policy and ensure that all criteria are met before physically sending any items back to us.

1. In which situation EECTECH accept return? 
We promise to obey the return policy when the item has the problem bellow, but you must sent back the item after we knowing your problem and what you want us to do.

First, the product has quality problem. It cannot work once you receive it or it encounter crash in delivery causing you cannot use it. For this situation of return we will full refund.

Second, If your product is damaged in delivery, we will exchange it free for you and undertake the shipping cost you ship back to us by ordinary airmail.

Third, if you order a wrong item and negotiate with our customer service to exchange for a right product, this exchange policy is also for you. But you need pay the shipping cost for the round-trip, and we will charge you 20% handling fee.

Fourth, if we miss-shipped the items, you could return the product and get a full refund plus the shipping fee, but you must make sure to sent it back through ordinary airmail.

 2. In Which situation EECTECH do not accept the return? 
Please check detail carefully before you purchase on eectech.store, If you have any doubt, please check with our customer service, you can get our customers service information from our website.

First, If you order wrong item by yourself, or you found it is not you want to order (not quality problem), we will not provide full refund for return service, please aware of this.

Second, If the item is damaged by your side, we will not provide exchange service.

 3. What you need to do before returning for exchange?

(1) you need contact our customer service to tell us your problem. What's wrong with your item and what you want us to do for you.

(2) When you confirm to return the items to us, please use ordinary airmail or EMS to return it, and write down and ship to the address our customer service provides. Please do not use DHL, UPS, FEDEX and TNT or any other courier, because we can not get your return item, we will not responsible for that.

(3) All return for refund or return for exchange should be done within 15 days, otherwise, we can not provide service of the two policy.

4. When I get my refund?
After we get your item return to us and check the item in original condition, we will issue your refund according to our policy within 2 working days through PayPal, please check your PayPal account timely or contact our customer service.

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