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Your position: Home / Audio/HiFi accessories / Audio tubes / Hifi tubes

LINLAI E-845 tube,Lin Lai Elite tube series,audio tube,hifi audio tube (one pair )

Elite tube series-----High quality/high taste/independent research and development
(200 pairs available)
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Elite tube series
       The cross-century design concept is finally realized with the support of domestic and foreign counterparts----LIN LAI Elite tube

NOTES:  Price = one pair (2 pieces)

What is Elite E-series by LINLAI?

This is the proprietary design flagship series by LINLAI. It is positioned to compete with the Psvane ACME series and other European brand in the ultra high end tube market.

E-845 E-211, the material uses a new type of metal molybdenum-based alloy carburizing screen (commonly known as metal screen), and adopts a full-fastened solderless connection process, which has extremely high heat dissipation and thermal stability. This special material metal screen E The performance and quality of the series of power tubes exceed the traditional graphite screen products. Compared with the graphite screen, the filament has a strong emission capacity and no pollution. In order to reproduce the magnificence and atmosphere of the sound field, the outer diameter of the glass bulb is enlarged. size.

E-845  E-211  measured experience:
1. After the parameters and aging stability test are completed, E-845 and RCA845 and re-enacted XD WE-845 take turns to listen to the sound on the computer. RCA845 only slightly outperforms the rich emotional expression of music, "may also have In other aspects, such as the vividness of the tone, the extension of high and low frequencies, the tension and grandeur of the sound field, and the restoration of details, the E-845 is clearly better. After testing the parameters and listening on the computer, the E-845 is one of the few 845 bile ducts with the highest fidelity and the best tone I have ever heard.

2. The sound field is magnificent, the solemn and strong sense of music and the positioning of the instrument are very accurate. The E-845 E-211 is like a high-end full-frame high-end camera, capturing the prairie scenery with a wide field of view and a wide sound field (I am also a photography enthusiast). Noble and elegant, good sense of depth, accurate positioning of various musical instruments, sufficient and smooth information, various musical instruments have a good sense of form, rich in connotation, and good impact. You will not feel the slightest feeling when performing music with E-845 E-211 "Turbid", on the contrary, there is the same feeling of enjoying a "high-definition" live concert. The sound field has no border constraints, permeating an elegant and noble demeanor.

Good penetrating power, euphemistic and true. The brightness is moderate, and there is no dullness. The texture of the violin is very good, clear, without the slightest burr, agile and smooth, rich in overtones, the aftermath is just right, the flowing water, the strong pine fragrance is very good and exciting. The performance of the triangle iron, touching the bell, gives people a misty and real feeling.
The vocal line is full, the steel positive energy, the homophony is rich, the singer's pitch change and the emotional ups and downs are visible, natural and beautiful, very infectious, strong courage, slightly transparent, and has charming positive energy.
Thick and powerful, although the output is only 18 watts, but pushing my 88 db ten-unit ten-frequency speaker, it should be the reason for the moderate damping coefficient of the tube and it is also very good. The is strong, clean and tidy, and the intensity is moderate. The cello and bass drum resonance performance is excellent, and the volume is full. The scene is shocking when playing a large dynamic symphony!

E300B  E-274B  E-2A3  measured experience:
The sound field is open, euphemistic and beautiful, with flowing clouds and flowing water, with subtle details, lingering aftertaste, various styles, and good balance. The female voice performed exceptionally well and was charming and innocent. The moist, rich, slightly delicate mid- and high-pitched notes give people a kind of "detachment". The thick and moist is meticulous, the loose bass is fast and accurate, the analysis is first-class, the outline is clear, the texture density is quite high, and the focus is accurate. The interpretation of the violin is crystal clear, the wiping of the strings and the bow make people engrossed, the tone is smooth and soft, the strings and piano also have excellent performance, full and clear, when performing classical music, noble and elegant, dignified and refined, rigorous and gorgeous, due to the output Because of the low power, the impact and low-frequency dive are slightly insufficient when playing a large symphony, but because of the good damping coefficient, the win is clean and neat, without the feeling of "spreading".

About after-sales and warranty:
1. All LIN LAI tubes purchased from EECTECH can get a formal warranty. The warranty is 12 months; and free factory matching is provided.

For delivery time:
Please contact us for checking the delivery time before placing your order.

Generally, we will dispatch the items within 7 days upon order confirmation; some items may need 20~25 days to get ready for delivery, then we will try our best to dispatch as soon as possible, or we will contact you and offer advice.

For Bulk order:
If you would like to place a bulk order, please contact us for better price and better delivery cost.

Average rating: 5.0 based on 32 reviews
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